Slim Kick Chilli Night Time (1 Month Supply)


If you're an evening snacker, then stimulant free SlimKick Night formula will help reduce your cravings and keep your metabolism at its peak whilst you sleep for round the clock weight loss.
SlimKick Night Time is a fully natural, caffeine-free weight loss formula designed to be used in conjunction with a day time weight loss supplement such as SlimKick Day Time. For even better results, we recommend using with the SlimKick Weight Loss Patches. For use in the evening and before bed, this product is fantastic for people who find that they're still hungry after an evening meal.




What are the benefits of SlimKick Night Time weight loss pills?

  • Ideal to stop those evening cravings
  • You can combine it with any other weight loss product
  • Helps keep your metabolism at its peak overnight
  • Stimulant free formulation for weight loss
  • Recommended for use in conjunction with the SlimKick Day Time formula
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